Egyptian Tattoos – Designs, Symbols, Ideas & Meaning

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Egypt is famous with their clothing, accessories, architecture and the culture. Many people come to Egypt to see their ancient culture and how they keep their history alive. Egypt is also known by the tattoo design. If you once see that kind of tattoo, you will easily know it because the design of Egyptian tattoo is unique. No country has the same design like theirs. For you who love unique tattoo design, I guess those Egyptian Tattoos designs will completely great for your body.
There are various types of Egyptian tattoos. The first is Anubis tattoo design. He is God of Egypt. He is described as half human. The sitting position of Anubis is like a dog, but he is standing, he is like human with jackal head. The Egyptian tattoo is also a famous tattoo design. She is known as the Goddess of cat. She has a human body with cat head. She is the symbol of protection. There are more than three tattoo designs of Egyptian tattoo. You can go to the gallery to see them.
The colors for Egyptian tattoo are different from other tattoo, even it is for girls. It usually uses elegant color to be applied, like gold, red, and black. But sometimes, they also use blue and copper. Chest, stomach, back, arm and legs are the common body parts that are carved by those designs. And those places usually have the big size of tattoo. And the small one is used in ankle, neck, and wrist.

broken egyptian tattoo design

Picture Gallery of the Egyptian Tattoos – Designs, Symbols, Ideas & Meaning

spinx egyptian tattoo on armsmall egyptian tattoo on backgreen eye egyptian tattoofull egyptian tattoo on backegyptian tattoo on stomachegyptian tattoo on legegyptian tattoo design on wristegyptian tattoo design on legegyptian tattoo design on chestegyptian tattoo design on backegyptian tattoo design on armegyptian rose tattoo designegyptian mythos tattoo design on backegyptian green bird tattoo designegyptian girl tattoo on hipcolorful egyptian tattoobroken egyptian tattoo designawesome egyptian tattoo on armanubis egyptian tattoo

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