Eight Ball Tattoo Designs and Eight Ball Tattoo Meaning

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Tattoo design can be inspired by many things like animal, nation, zodiac, even games. The three things are usual tattoo design, but game is unique design for tattoo. The game that we will talk about her is billiard. This game has the last bullets. It is eight ball that to be the last ball to strike your rival. This eight ball tattoo design is commonly used by gang or criminal group of people. They think that if they draw it to their body part, the meaning of eight ball can posses to their selves. The meaning of the eight is just taking a risk in every gambling thing. And life is a gambling. So, you should have a brave to take a risk in your life. That gang hope when they get this tattoo design, their group will have a huge braveness to face the obstacle that prevents their way.
The placement of eight ball tattoo design is varied. It is generally shown to other people to show the meaning. This tattoo usually has other companions like cards, gear, flaming and flower. Those will be great designs if you can match them up with the adornment you want. As you can see in the picture, there is an eight ball for girl inside a flower. Another design is an eight ball bomb. There are some cards and the eight ball that burn with fire.

lucky eight ball tattoo design

Picture Gallery of the Eight Ball Tattoo Designs and Eight Ball Tattoo Meaning

skull eight ball tattoo designsimple eight ball tattoo on wristsimple eight ball tattoo on hiprose eight ball tattoo designlucky eight ball tattoo designFlaming eight ball tattoo designeight ball wings tattoo designeight ball tattoo designeight ball tattoo design on armeight ball king tattoo designeight ball gear tattoo designeight ball dice tattoo designeight ball bomb tattoo designeigh ball card tattoo designburning eight ball tattoo on stomach

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