Gemini Tattoo Designs with the Meaning

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Zodiac tattoo design is begun to be famous and more. The thirteen zodiacs can be the design of tattoo. You can choose one that is yours. Yesterday, we have told about Aries and now we will discuss Gemini tattoo. As you know, the symbol of Gemini is great enough. It is not less than others zodiacs. Twin is the symbol of Gemini, but not all Gemini people are twin. The meaning that we can take from it is togetherness.
People with Gemini in it love togetherness. They cannot be alone. If they are alone, they will try to get a place where people around. They are usually afraid of loneliness. As I have told you in many sentences that the meaning of tattoo design is on each person side. A design commonly has more than one meaning, so you can wish the good meaning that will bring good motivation.
The placement of Gemini tattoo is so a lot. Every part of the body is match to Gemini Tattoo Designs because it can be drawn in various tattoo size. It depends on where the place you will tattoo. The color is also mix up. The bright colors like yellow, metallic, orange and also basic black color are suitable. Women usually have the small Gemini tattoo to make it meaningful and beautiful. Whether, men love the large size to be tattooed on chest, shoulder or back.

devil gemini tattoo design

Picture Gallery of the Gemini Tattoo Designs with the Meaning

twin girls gemini tattoo designsmall gemini tattoo on footsmall gemini tattoo design on handskull gemini tattoo designred black gemini tattoo designpink and purple gemini tattoo on neckgemini tattoo for mengemini tattoo design on wristgemini tattoo design on upper backgemini tattoo design on shouldergemini tattoo design on lower backgemini tattoo design on leggemini tattoo design on backgemini flower tattoo on armdevil gemini tattoo design

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