Phoenix Tattoo Designs: Meanings And Cultural History

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Phoenix is kind of bird that cannot easily met. No one ever see it truly. Phoenix is the symbol rebirth and regeneration. It also represents power and strength. The history said that phoenix is a magical bird. Now, it is being a myth that believed by some people. The myth is believed by some nations like Egypt, Greek and China. The culture believes that phoenix is a bird that will bring goodness to the people in the country. There are some religions that believe in the symbol of phoenix. They are Catholic and Christian.
Phoenix tattoo designs is the part of tattoo that belongs to the myth of phoenix. Since phoenix can live for a thousand years, the one who has that tattoo design has a wish that they can live as long as phoenix. The myth of phoenix is varied. The culture and the geographic area influence the myth and the tattoo meaning. The various designs of Phoenix tattoo are so many. There are the simple phoenix tattoo that owned by simple people. They draw it as simple as they want because even simple design means a lot to people who know the meaning behind that tattoo design. There is also tattoo design that describes phoenix with flaming body. Flaming phoenix tattoo is tattoo design that most demanded by both women and men. Flaming symbolize the spirit of rebirth. It also represents the powerful strength to protect their selves and family. Back and chest are body spaces that usually carved by this tattoo design. Some also like to have a small phoenix tattoo design on their neck or arm. Even it is small, the wish is the same with the big ones.

colorful phoenix tattoo design for girls

Picture Gallery of the Phoenix Tattoo Designs: Meanings And Cultural History

wonderful phoenix tattoo designtribal phoenix tattoo designred phoenix tattoo design on shoulderred black phoenix tattoo designpurple cute owl tattoo designpretty phoenix tattoo design on backpowerful phoenix tattoo designphoenix tattoo designphoenix tattoo design on backphoenix tattoo design for girlsphoenix full back tattoo designperfect flaming phoenix tattoo designframed owl tattoo design for girlsflaming phoenix tattoo designdashing phoenix tattoo design for mencool phoenix tattoo designcolorful phoenix tattoo design for girlsblack phoenix tattoo design on lower backbeautiful phoenix tattoo design on backamazing phoenix tattoo design

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