Tibetan Tattoos

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Religion and spiritual tattoo are two things that currently have deep meaning. It relates to belief. And belief comes from heart. So, religion and spiritual tattoo come from the believers’ deep heart. There are many tattoos that symbolize spiritual meaning. They are Jesus tattoo, cross tattoo and also Tibetan tattoo design. Tibetan tattoos is kind of tattoo from a country names Tibet. The various symbols and quotes often appear in Tibetan tattoo design. Tibetan symbols are the ornaments that have their lines style. They draw it follow the flow that have made their ancestor. The ornaments are not new designed. They have owned them for a long time. And the modern Tibetan just continues and improves it to be more perfect. Each ornament has its own meaning that refers to goodness. The quote tattoo design of Tibetan usually fills by mantra. Mantra is a sentence like worship to something they believe about. The meaning of mantra is varied. They can tell about love, life and goodness.
Lotus flower and Buddha are like must symbol in Tibetan tattoo. Lotus flower is the symbol of Buddhist. It is a watered flower. It just can live in on the water. The beauty of lotus flower is always demanded by girls. So, they make them on their body. The goal is that they want to take the beauty of that flower to make their body performance more amazing. Move to Buddha tattoo, it is also the part of Tibetan tattoos because most of Tibetan is Buddhists. Buddha is the highest God of Buddhist. So, the wish of making Buddha tattoo is to get the grace from their God. Tibetan tattoo is like the other tattoo. It can be placed on various body parts.

tibetan tattoo design on upper back

Picture Gallery of the Tibetan Tattoos

tibetan writing tattoo designtibetan text tattoo design on armtibetan tattoo design on upper backtibetan tattoo design on shouldertibetan tattoo design on legtibetan tattoo design on fingertibetan tattoo design on backtibetan tattoo design on armtibetan tattoo design for mentibetan tattoo design for girlstibetan sleeve tattoo designtibetan sanskrit text tattootibetan chest tattoo for girlsom mani padme hunm tibetan tattoolotus tibetan tattoo designbuddha tattoo designbuddha tattoo design on shoulder

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