Wonderful Crow Tattoo Designs

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Bird includes in feminine animal. So, it is mostly loved by women. There are many kinds of cute bird that become women’s favorite. But not all women, partly some women like the kind of dark bird like crow. It is black bird that usually eats carcass. Because of the love to that bird, women don’t hesitate to make it as the work of art such as tattoo. Many people have applied it crow tattoo design to their body. Although crow is a black bird, for crow tattoo you can choose your own crow. It can be added by some colors like red or blue appropriate to the theme and the each person’s favorite.
The meaning of crow tattoo design is variable. It is not always the same for every person. But the main meaning is the darkness. Some people said it is the symbol of bad sign and a bad luck. The house that be passed by crow will think about what thing that will happen to them. It also has positive meaning. It is a good friend of farmer. It can protect the plants. The placement to the body is also varied. The usual crow tattoo design is in large size tattoo. So, it will be sophisticated on your body too.

singing crow tattoo on forearm

Picture Gallery of the Wonderful Crow Tattoo Designs

triskele crow tattoo design on armthe raven crow tattoo on legsinging crow tattoo on forearmrosary crow tattoo designred crow shadow tattoo designproverb crow tattoo on legmurder of crows tattoo designmemory crow tattoo designhungry crow tattoo designdark crow tattoo designcrow with orange tattoo designcrow tattoo on legcrow tattoo design on sleevecrow tattoo design on backcrow shoulder tattoo for womencrow leg tattoo designcrow inner arm tattoo designcrow home tattoo designcrow heart tattoo designcrow back tattoo design

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